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Angel Colors®

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Picking the right colour combinations for your home is vital and that's where we come.


Our team goes to work the very moment you book a professional home painting service with us.


Our experts measure your walls 100% precisely with the help of the latest technology measurement tools.


We perform all our services in a dust-free, hassle-free, eco-friendly manner.



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8+ Years

Over 8+ years, with our client-centric philosophy and unrelenting spirit




Products are available with premium quality

  • Why should I use Angel Colors®?

    Angel Colors® unique range of products not only caters to your aesthetic needs but also to your functional needs. Besides having a wide range of colours, Angel Colors® offers specialty products such as anti-bacterial paint and low-odour paint.

  • How is Angel Colors® different from others?

    Angel Colors® core focus is on green technology. We make and sell paints that are not only technologically advanced but also environment friendly.

  • Best season to paint my home?

    For exteriors, the best time to paint is when the weather is pleasant, without risk of high humidity or rain on the horizon. It is best to avoid painting in extreme temperatures and humid conditions. For interiors, there are no such restrictions - an ambient temperature in-home and outside is best. It is best to have some ventilation during and immediately after painting in order to dissipate fumes, and also help with drying.

  • How frequently should I paint my home?

    About once every 3 years is recommended for interiors and once every 4 to 7 years for exteriors. Angel Colors® has a life of 4 years while Weatherbond lasts up to 7 years. Interior paints, when maintained well, can last for up to 7 years.

  • Why should I paint my home?

    Wall surfaces chip and crack, metals rust and corrode, while wooden furniture and doors get warped and scratched. Different paints have distinctive, specific properties that prevent, or delay destruction to the surface. The paint forms a protective layer around the substrate, keeping it safe from damage.

  • Is there any specific order to paint a home?

    Painting a room in the correct order will save time and money. Begin with the ceilings, followed by the walls (water-based paints usually applied), then the doors and windows (wood and metal specific paints will be required).

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